Our Guarantee

IndoFlorists main priority is to fulfill your satisfaction so we will try our best to offer all our customers the freshest flowers available. Because your satisfaction is our number one priority, we will do what it takes to ensure your experience with IndoFlorist is a positive one.

IndoFlorist mengutamakan kepuasan pelanggan sehingga kami selalu berusaha melakukan yang terbaik dalam menyediakan ketersediaan bunga-bunga yang segar. Kepuasan pelanggan merupakan prioritas kami.

Freshness/ Kesegaran

Our flowers are sourced directly from growers. Flowers are normally sent out in bud form meaning they will last longer with the recipient. In the few cases where the flowers are not delivered fresh, please do let us know and we will replace them free of charge.

Bunga-bunga kami dipasok langsung dari perkebunan yang menjadi pemasok kami, dan itu menjamin bahwa bunga-bunga kami segar dan berkualitas bagus. Namun dalam beberapa hal, bisa saja saat bunga dikirim dalam keadaan tidak segar. Dalam kasus ini, jangan ragu beritahu kami; dan kami akan menggantinya dengan gratis.

Damages/ Rusak

Our flowers are packed carefully to ensure they arrive as fresh and beautiful as when they left our flower emporium, but sometimes flowers do get damaged in transit. Should this occur, please contact us so what we can arrange a replacement bouquet. Please note that it may be necessary to return the original product in order to receive the replacement, or in most cases sending us a photo of the damaged item should suffice.

Rangkaian bunga yang Anda pesan kami kemas dan dihantar dengan hati-hati oleh para kurir kami yang berpengalaman untuk menjamin pesanan bunga Anda tiba di alamat dalam keadaan ok. Tetapi jika bunga yang diterima dalam keadaan rusak atau tidak segar,  –dan biasanya penerima memotretnya– jangan ragu kirimkan pada kami; dan kami akan segera menggantinya secara cuma-cuma.

Late Deliveries/ Terlambat

We promise to deliver your order as soon as possible after receiving your order (or as your request), and also to deliver your flowers in good & fresh condition as appears in the picture. In the event of non-delivery on the selected delivery date, we will redelivery your order.

For your information, we didnt receive a request delivery by a specific time, so, the late delivery means delayed a day.

Non Delivery

We and our courier partners are human. If we fail to deliver your order we will either refund you in full or redelivery your order – it is your choice, just let us know.

If you are not satisfied with the product as delivered, or if for any reason you are not satisfied, contact us by contact form and we will replace or refund the full amount of your purchase.

We will do the best for you. Your satisfaction is our first and foremost priority.

Kami akan melakukan yang terbaik untuk Anda. Kepuasan Anda adalah utama dan terpenting bagi kami.

Our Address/ Alamat kami: Kelapa Puan XIX Blok AJ 4/ 8, Gading Serpong, Tangerang, 15325 INDONESIA
WhatsApp: +62-812-1979-7439
Email: nuranikj@yahoo.co.id.