Need help with your Valentine's Day Message to your sweetie?
Here are some suggestions sure to win them over:

"Happy Valentine's Day."

"Talk about special. I was going to give you another subscription to Sports Illustrated, but these flowers were on special."

"Some call it luck, Some call it fate, Whatever it is, You were worth the wait!"

"Redeem one flower for the following: a back rub, a dinner, a movie, a great joke, a glass of wine..."

"So, maybe I'm a couch potato, Babe, you're still a hot tomato."

"It was down to red roses or red Ferrarri. I know how much you love roses, so I took the car."

"Be my valentine, baby..."

"It takes a sensitive man to say, "I love you." Ain't I great?"

"I offer you a rose for each year that I have loved you."

"This year you won't have to shout, cause your Valentine is taking you out!"

"If you'll be my valentine, I'll provide the dinner and wine!"

"Valentine, it's you-- I want to be near, honey, I'll even bring the beer"

"Heaven must be missing an angel (I thought of this wording myself - and it worked at lot in the early 80's)"

"I'm da' man."

"You're a fox."

"I know I have been a thorn in your side, so now hopefully these roses can be one in yours."

"XOXOXO The "X's are for kisses and the "O's aren't for hugs"

"Life would be bliss, if I could have one little kiss."

"You are verrrrrry classy, but I like you cause you're sassy!"

"I've been in a haze, since you set my heart ablaze."

"You are you and I am me, together we make a symphony."

"I may be delirious, but let's get serious! Be my Valentine!!"

"You are the one person with whom I wish to share my heart, my soul, my life"

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Pat - Ontario, CA
Maria, you did it. The flowers came just when you said. All of the flowers were beautiful. Thank you!!!
Peter R Youd
Thanks. She just rang and was very happy. She sent a photo and they look lovely.

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